David Bovill

Here we research the federation writing, work and public profile of the author to better interact with his work. This page is also an exploration of the social Etiquette around such public Data Mining of an authors writing.

# About the author

David has many sites, and has been writing in the federation since {{federation start date}}. . Below we list the ones that we find:

Here are some notes about where I've come from and what I am interested in. Some day I'll put together a bit of a bio.

# Interests and writing

- Science - Monoclonal antibody research- nih.gov - ORCID

# Federation writing

# Metadata

Here I store a json-array of domains that I write on stored in standard Federation Domain Format:

My sites. Here I store metadata about the sites I write on in a json format that other tools rely on.

You can fetch the contents of this json-plugin at the following url: - http://people.fedwiki.org/plugin/json/david-bovill - http://admin.fedwiki.org/plugin/json/atopia-fedwiki-sites

# See also

- Here you will find my Latest CV - JSON Plugin